Austin Cannabis Entrepreneur (ACE)
Friday, April 20th
Thursday, April 19th
Hyatt Regency

Projected to increase to over $30 billion by 2021, the international cannabis industry will provide many opportunities for savvy founders and smart investors. Learn more at the 2018 Austin Cannabis Entrepreneur (ACE) Conference. 

Confirmed speakers include Troy Dayton, Emily Paxhia, Cy Scott, Tahira Rehmatullah, Mark Bolton and many more!

Session titles include “Best Cannabis Startup Ideas & Developments,” “Lesson’s Learned From Colorado’s Cannabis Experience,” “Trends and Patterns for Current Cannabis Usage,” “Why Austin is Ripe for Cannabis Startups” and more. Click here to see the list of currently-confirmed sessions.

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If you are a startup in the cannabis or hemp space, then be sure to enter the ACE Conference Pitch Competition. Application deadline extended to 11:59 pm CT on Sunday, April 8.



Troy Dayton, Keynote Speaker

Troy co-founded cannabis investment and research firm, The Arcview Group, in 2010 and serves as CEO. Arcview created the Arcview Investor Network where more than 600 high net-worth investors have pumped more than $150 million into 165 cannabis-related ventures and raised more than $3 million for the legalization effort. Arcview also publishes The State of Legal Marijuana Markets, the most oft-cited market data and analysis report on the industry. Arcview co-founded Cannasure Insurance Services in 2011 and launched Canopy, a business accelerator in 2015. Forbes Magazine named Arcview one of the top five financial leaders in the cannabis industry. Troy is a board member of the Marijuana Policy Project and is a founding board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association. He is co-founder of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and also helped launch and served as the first sales director at Renewable Choice Energy, which was recently acquired by Schneider EnergyFortune Magazine, Details Magazine, and International Business Times named Troy to their Top 10 lists of most influential people in the cannabis industry.
At ACE, the title of his keynote speech at 2:00 pm on Friday, April 20 is “Raising Capital at the Crossroads.”

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Speaker Schedule

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Day 1
19 Apr 2018
Day 2
20 Apr 2018

Why Austin is Ripe for Cannabis Startups

Central Texas has emerged as one of the nation’s top ecosystems for startups, entrepreneurs and founders. While only a fraction of these entrepreneurs are currently focused on cannabis-related opportunities, attend...
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Carlos Martinez

Best Cannabis Startup Ideas & Developments

Two of the most important females in the cannabis Industry cover some of the top new entrepreneurial ventures that they have seen and what is driving the most action in...
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Emily Paxhia
Tahira Rehmatullah

Understanding the Plant is the Key to Everything

If you want to understand all the opportunities in the cannabis industry, then the first place to start is the plant itself. Whether you are involved in industrial applications, medical...
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Mary Olivar

Trends and Patterns for Current Cannabis Usage

Cy Scott talks about current usage trends and patterns for cannabis, from both a medicinal and adult perspective. Learn about what a cannabis consumer looks like and how their purchasing...
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Cy Scott

Lessons Learned From Colorado’s Cannabis Experience

The former Director of Marijuana Policy for Governor John Hickenlooper, Mark Bolton will discuss what he learned in helping the State of Colorado adopt new cannabis-related policies. His insights should...
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Mark Bolton

The Cannabis-Crypto Connection

What happens when you connect two of the buzz-iest concepts in the startup world? Join us for a lively discussion of how 2018’s hottest technology might combine with 2018’s most...
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Carlana Stone
Blake Burris

Cannabis Case Study: Compassionate Cultivation

Compassionate Cultivation is the only Texas-based cannabis business licensee in the Lone Star State. CEO Morris Denton talks about the journey of his startup, as well as his vision for...
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Morris Denton
Brent Wistrom

Opportunities for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Patrick Rea, a co-founder and Managing Director of the Boulder-based accelerator, CanopyBoulder, covers what he sees as the best opportunities for the cannabis entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. Having made...
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Patrick Rea

Connecting Through Cannabis in the Boardroom, Bedroom and Beyond

Creating cannabis connections can accelerate your growth professionally and personally. This session takes a deep dive into building meaningful relationships within the cannabis industry and at home by using the...
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Amanda Morris
Sarah Todd

Navigating Cannabis Applications: A Practical Guide

Entrepreneurs seeking to gain a state license in the Cannabis space face a daunting application process. Learn how to best navigate this maze using tried and true best practices including...
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Rachel Feferman

Cannabis Startup Success: Wurk Case Study

The Colorado-based startup, Wurk, has created an intuitive platform specifically for cannabis businesses to manage payroll, HR, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance. Their simple system streamlines operations and minimize compliance...
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Emily Paxhia
Keegan Peterson

The Politics of Cannabis in Texas

In 2015, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the Compassionate Use Act, a measure which legalized the sale of a specific kind of cannabis oil for a small group of Texans:...
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Alex Samuels
Rep Jason Isaac
Heather Fazio

Opportunity Within the Emerging Hemp Market

While not the same as the cannabis you’re familiar with, hemp offers many new opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs — and poses fewer regulatory challenges. Attend this session to learn about...
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Kris Taylor

Raising Capital At The Crossroads

As the cannabis industry moves from it’s infancy to its adolescence, the fundraising landscape is changing rapidly. CEO of the first cannabis investment and research firm The Arcview Group, Troy...
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Troy Dayton (Keynote)

Repairing the Harms of the Drug War

The emerging Cannabis industry is an opportunity to acknowledge and repair the catastrophe that is the war on drugs. Short-term goals should be establishing standards for an inclusive industry, advocating...
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Chas Moore
Andrew Epstein

Which States Will Legalize What Next?

To truly understand and navigate the national roadmap for Cannabis legalization, serious and successful participants have to check in regularly, adapt and persevere in order to avoid traffic jams and...
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David Brown

ACE Pitch Competition

See three of the most exciting cannabis-focused and hemp-focused startups pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry experts. Startups who will involved in this event include Lumen (Oakland,...
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Dave Daily
Shari Wynne Ressler
Marc Nathan
Mary Olivar
Sloan Foster

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