Marc Nathan

Marc Nathan


Marc is an experienced connector in the startup community with a passion for fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship across Texas. Throughout his career,  Marc has assisted hundreds of companies with business strategy, capital acquisition, marketing, customer development, strategic partnerships and product development.

Marc serves as VP of Client Strategy for Technology and Venture Capital practice group in the law firm of Egan Nelson, LLP (  As a deeply experienced and connected consultant in the Texas technology startup community, Marc assists E/N’s early-stage clients with fundraising strategy, including connecting with angel and VC investors, structuring financing rounds, and general strategic advisory with respect to seed and early-stage fundraising. Marc also enjoys facilitating connections between founders and other advisors, executives, and service providers throughout the various ecosystems in which he works.

Marc founded T-Squared Agency (, a boutique consulting firm that supports selected clients with comprehensive funding strategies and the means to execute growth. Through T-Squared, Marc launched the Texas-Squared Startup Newsletter that covers startup news, opinions and events that affect the startup and tech community in the Lone Star State.

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ACE Pitch Competition

20 Apr 2018
5:00 pm